Adjust your reporting system with a customized MIS BI


Management Information System

Our MIS business software solution is suitable for
different forms business systems, level of 
and complexity of structure and organization.


Reports for all levels of management

MIS BI is a sophisticated web platform that enables processing of large amounts of data (big data) using modern data mining methods. By integrating this data, we provide you with important information that will serve as a key support when making business decisions at different levels - from strategic to operational.




   comparison with the previous years
   better business decision-making
   distribution of knowledge and responsibilities among employees 
   greater efficiency and productivity of your business


Information about the company's profitability, profit and cost centres, sales, procurement, inventory, assortment, production process, supply chain and more is available to all authorized users. At the same time, real-time information enables better decision-making and sharing of knowledge and responsibility among employees. Consequently, MIS BI significantly affects the efficiency and productivity of your business.



The control panel of your business system

MIS BI provides a simple and quick introduction to fundamental business information. Through advanced multidimensional analysis, you can discover a broader and more precise picture of the dynamics of your business processes, which enables you to make informed decisions for the further success of your organization. Thanks to the adaptability of our MIS BI solution, we can fully adapt it to your specific needs and goals. 


The IPIS+ MIS BI solution represents a true transformation of your business,
making it more efficient, proactive and focused on achieving superior
business results. Contact our specialist team and discover how we can
help your organization reach new heights in the digital age.


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