Konzum chooses paperless

Konzum chooses paperless


We introduced virtual receipts to Konzum's cash registers //PHOTO: Konzum
Our team, led by application solutions designer Ante Marinović, worked intensively on the Virtual Accounts project for three months

Thanks to the PIS team, our long-standing client Konzum introduced electronic invoices for all MultiPlus Card users in mid-May. PIS thus played a key role in converting invoices and slips, which until now were printed on a printer, into PDF format as soon as possible after issuing the invoice. Colleagues had to make sure that the appearance of the bill was as similar as possible to the bill that had been printed so far.


"Invoices are also arranged for printing cancellation invoices, refunds and approvals. All slips connected to the account, such as cards, crypto transactions, KeksPay and coupons, are now configurable and can be sent to storage. At the same time, we ensured the stability of work at the cash register, but also that users do not notice any changes in the background", explains project manager Ante Marinović. This solution has been successfully implemented on all types of cash registers and external systems used by our customer. Also, users can adjust the settings and decide for themselves whether they want a virtual account. In cooperation with Konzum, which issues over 140 million invoices annually, we have developed a solution that also contributes to the greater good - reducing paper consumption and protecting the environment.

"We would like to thank all the team members who worked on this project. Special thanks to our colleagues who carried the biggest "burden" of finishing: Ružica, Ivan Dž. and Krešo B.", says Ante.

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