We visited the Data Innovation Summit

We visited the Data Innovation Summit


The eighth edition of the largest conference focused on data and AI topics
After participating online at the last edition, this year we also visited the offline edition of the Swedish Data Innovation Summit. Our representatives Petra Štulina and Damir Grgić revealed to us what could be seen at the eighth edition of the largest conference focused on data and AI topics

Which presented topics or innovations were most interesting to you?

Given that the goal of the visit to the fair was to get acquainted with existing solutions for storage, manipulation and processing (larger amounts) of data, we mainly contacted exhibitors from that domain. Topics related to AI, Machine Learning, Industrial Analytics were less interesting to us. The exhibitors we visited generally covered only part of the entire data processing process with their products. There are products that are focused only on big data processing and products that only deal with meta data.... Perhaps Qlik is the only one that offers a more complete product in its solution because it also offers the end product - a reporting system. It is interesting that there are also consultants who do not actually offer any product but, based on the analysis of the offer, one or a set of other people's solutions.


In your opinion, which presented innovations would be useful to apply in PIS?

Our work with DIS is not finished with our return. In fact, it is just beginning. Based on the contacts we made, and there were some, we received instructions and advice on how to get to know each product better. This is the work that awaits us now: to familiarize ourselves with what we have seen in more detail and, on the basis of that, decide whether we will use someone else's solution at all, how to fit it into our product, or maybe we will get an idea for our own solution. So the answer to this question is yet to come.


How did you like Stockholm? Did you get to see the city in your free time?

 Stockholm is an interesting city, I like the fact that it is built on numerous islands. This is why the city gives the impression of openness and freshness, when you walk through the center every now and then you come across the sea. Perhaps the impression was also influenced by the fact that the weather was beautiful, sunny and warm, and that we were walking around the city on a Saturday when others are walking, so we didn't notice the hustle and bustle that exists in the middle of the work week. These islands are connected either by a bridge or by boat, so all the power of the ships is tied up everywhere. We didn't go too far in sightseeing because we would just run, so we walked around the old part and visited several museums (National Gallery, Royal Castle, Treasury...). In any case, we recommend!

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